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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I wanted to say 'Avocet' on Monday. But Monday is for maths.

I chose the word 'Avocet' because it came up on Twitter along with Black Tailed Godwit.
A Black Tailed Godwit! If you need to strengthen your mouth say it over and over. Feel it in your muscles.

'Avocet' sounds like a missile. (Not 'avocado' dear spell check.)
It's in the area of 'Advocaat'. (No, not 'advocate' .)

This is fun.
Mesembryanthemum (spell check thinks I mean 'chrysanthemum')
Aquilegia (Aquiline)
Hornbeam (Moonbeam)
Medlar (Armed!)

I wouldn't want to work in a spell check garden!

* * *

I think Spell Check should be Spellcheck but spell check doesn't like that and I suppose it knows its own name.
(I've used capitals because I wouldn't want it to call me 'esther'.)

* * *

The Avocet on Twitter was the kind we see in England - Recurvirostra avosetta (Or Electrostatic rosetta, as Spell Check would have it.)
North Americans might be more familiar with Recurvirostra americana (Otherwise known as Electrostatic Americans. Brilliant!) 

P.S. Don't you think it looks as if this Avocet patting its chick on the head has four legs?


rusty duck said...

The one that's been driving me mad all month, seeing as I'm particularly fond of them and use the word a lot:
geum (germ).

squirrelbasket said...

Lovely, lovely words, all of them!
And you know that "avocado" also meant "testicle" in the original Mexican Indian Nahuatl language?
Just saying :)