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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Hand drawn picture of espaliered apple tree with white blossom against a brick wall
Spring will come soon and my apple tree will
one day
sprout blossom.

I'm shiny and blue. My cuticles are ghostly grey. It's because I bought an after-sun gel instead of lotion and once I'd got it I used it instead of taking it back to the shop. The blue-ness and shiny-ness seem to be wearing off. But my skin stays sticky instead of soft. It feels varnished. And if I lick my fingers, they taste bitter.

Not that I've been in the sun. In the summer, when it was sunny, I found after-sun lotion was a really good skin moisturiser so I carried on using it well after the summer was gone. And because the after-sun gel (which I thought was lotion) is cheaper (because it's on offer) than the face-cream I've been using for my cuticles (because that's what I happened to have when my cuticles went all dry and cracked - you know what earth does to your hands!)  I thought I'd rub it into my fingers.

I'm not vain. I'm not expecting my hands suddenly to become beautiful. They are too irregular for beauty. Every finger, every nail, is a different shape. I suppose fingers are supposed to be different shapes but nails aren't. This higgledypiggledyness is why I don't wear nail-varnish. Colour would draw attention to the way the roundedness on the end of one finger goes next to square on the next, goes next to narrow, goes next to wide, goes next to wonky where I wrote so much at school. People who grow up using laptops will have bowed backs instead of bent index fingers. I come from the era of fountain pens and inky hands.

I tried gold nail varnish once. In most lights it looked black. Black made it look as if I'd shut all my fingers in a door. As I say, I'm not vain. But I'd wanted to look dramatic, not injured. So I took the varnish off and gave the bottle away.

This post was going to be about seeing an airstream caravan with a pot of basil in the window when I was on holiday in the summer. Hence the after-sun introduction. But I've used up all the available space on nails. Never mind. Perhaps I should do fashion instead of gardening? I'll come back to my holiday another time.


colleen said...

My best friend who has always had beautiful, elegant hands surprised me by saying that she had always liked my hands because they looked as if they'd done lots of work ie very wonky indeed. Plenty of pockets is the answer...

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

The only thing more weird and wonky than hands, as parted of the body go anyway, is feet. I think my nailks are reasonably even, but I haven't seen those funny whiter half moons you are apparently supposed to have for decades. And my fingers are really wonky, which is why I never wear nail polish. Not even my nails are even on my toes. My toes would scare anybody sensible. I didn't know you could get after sun gel. But why has it turned you blue?!

squirrelbasket said...

My hands are the same way. Although it doesn't make them instantly beautiful, I recommend gardener's honey hand cream from Elegance Famous (Google it). I picked up a pot at a horticultural show and wish I had bought more than just the one! It's almost instantly absorbed and not sticky and smells nice, too! Advert over... sorry about that! All the best :)