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Monday, November 26, 2012


Peugeot 107 or 208 five door hatchback (Red)
Nexus 7
Lifelong supply of 100 watt conventional (ie non-ecological) light bulbs
A campervan
* * *
You know how bloggers are, from time to time, asked if they'd like to review things? Books, seeds, programmes - and the like? It's struck me some companies, some PR people, might be struggling. They may be missing out on wonderful dead-cert-good-review opportunities because they don't realise there are particular things we could easily guarantee to praise but which we don't happen to have mentioned yet. Until we review them, there may not be any reason to. But just because I call this a 'garden' blog it doesn't mean I have no interests beyond the garden gate. Nor does it mean that because it's proudly 'boring', advertisers should take it for granted my readers are deadly and dull too. (You're not, are you?)

So I've decided to give them a helping hand and list a few things I'd like to review. (In other words (or word) 'own'.) Armed with this list, PR people will be confident of a good reception if they send me the things on it and let me keep them. (For ever and for free.) (Jeremy Clarkson might be happy to send a car back after a test drive but I can't see the point of that.)

Search engines are designed to take more notice of first paragraphs than subsequent ones. With this in mind, I've spoiled the suspense by putting my wish list at the top of the post but I'd better put it at the end too as a way of boosting its chances of turning up on Google.

Peugeot 107 or 208 Five door hatchback (Red)
Nexus 7
Lifelong supply of 100 watt conventional (ie un-ecological) light bulbs
A campervan
* * *
That's it for now. I'll explain my list another day. I wouldn't want to over-tax advertisers by giving them too much to read. They are busy people, you know.

And I need to check precisely which Peugeot I have in mind.


Diana of Elephants Eye said...

Do the eco lightbulbs flicker at you? Why do you prefer not to use them?

Esther Montgomery said...

You've got it in one, Diana. More in a later post.

Alistair said...

Esther, unfortunately I am deadly and dull, your posts always take me out of the gloom something eco bulbs take 15 mins to do. I think you are reasonably modest with your car choice and should be given the chance to review. I have been interested in this thing about google especially taking notice of the first and last paragraph, and will be covering this subject in an upcoming post. If you want to be truly bored just before Christmas, take a look.

VP said...

Fingers crossed the SEO gods find you :)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

A valiant attempt - good luck!