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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I'm not here. Not really.

Just dashing in and out to say I've posted on my other blog

the post is

Not only is 'being busy' keeping me back from Esther's Boring Garden Blog (which takes more thought-effort than you might imagine when I am writing for it!) but it's keeping me out of the garden too.

This is reflected in the 'can't stop them growing' post.

My garden keeps growing without me.

There are two things about blogs and gardens - two things they have in common and which I appreciate in both. Neither need dusting.

I'm ok. Just really busy.

Hope you're all ok too.


Anna said...

Didn't know whether to comment as you are not really here. Glad that it's just being busy that's keeping you way Esther and completely with you on your observations about dusting.

Esther Montgomery said...

Hello Anna - just because I vanish, doesn't mean you need to too! Good to hear from you!