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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I’m not really here. As I said, I’m busy. But what’s the point of having a blog if one can’t bung something on it from time to time?

Random points.

I’ve disentangled the clematis (armandii) and spread it out across the garden, octopus like. Gradually, I’m tying it back to the wall. The flower buds are falling off as I go because it keeps tangling with the olive tree and the honeysuckle and the cotoneaster and everything else. Each arm is several metres long and each leaf is on the end of a crooked stem so they hook onto everything they brush against and . . . (gasp for breath) . . . . . . Never mind why I’ve spread it out like this. Long story! (And I’m not really here!)

The gas boiler has broken. When I climbed up to take the front off, I found a little pot in a clear plastic bag on top with germinated seeds inside. Fortunately it’s labelled - the Chinese lanterns everyone told me not to grow. Turns out I am growing them but I’d forgotten.

We didn’t mind too much at first (the boiler breaking) - but there’s been a cold mist all day and the engineer isn’t coming till Friday. He won’t come sooner unless we can guarantee to stay in the house for twenty-four hours at a stretch. Do gas engineers really come at random moments in the middle of the night? Seems very odd to me. I decided to wait for a proper appointment rather than stay under house arrest with a constant ear for a disconcerting nocturnal knock.

The heater on the washing machine has broken too. Seems a bit much of a coincidence. Do you think I can blame solar storms? Not sure what to do about it. The washing-machine-man has left a message on his answer-phone to say he can’t mend any more machines until after the 28th March. Brilliant.

I could be taking down the Christmas cards but I feel it’s my public duty to recommend ‘Killed at the Whim of a Hat’ by Colin Cotterill. It’s fun. It’s gentle. It’s an easy read and a sensible length. Detecting after bloody murder shouldn’t leave one with a warm glow and a sense that all’s well with the world - but that’s how I feel as I close the last page. It turns out Colin Cotterill has written lots of books which probably means he’s a famous author and everyone but me has known about him for ages - but in case I have company in ignorance (forgive me!) . . . and in case you, like me, are needing to snuggle under a duvet with a good book because, despite having lots of things to do, the house is cold; and/or in case like me you are trying to distract yourself from wishing you had something clean to put on and wishing the washing-machine-man would hurry up and phone back to recommend a friend so you can employ a different but equally competent and trustworthy washing-machine-person . . . (we had a gas-man come to look at our gas-cooker once . . . he said it needed mending . . . we said ‘yes, that’s why we asked you to come’ . . . he put some red and white tape on it and a notice to say we shouldn’t use it (which we couldn’t anyway because it didn’t work) . . . then we gave him some money . . . and he went away saying if we wanted it mending we should give him a ring and he’d fix an appointment . . . and we were completely bemused . . . and I don’t want to pay anyone else to tell me something isn’t working and not to mend it [Do I need another bracket ending yet? Here are some spares ))))))))) - - - if any are missing, just pop one in at the right place because I’m busy and I’m not here and I’m not reading this through to check the spelling or the grammar, it’s just that I wanted to make a public service broadcast about a good book.


Isn’t it wonderful having a blog?

This teasel has nothing to do with anything.
I just like it.


Mark and Gaz said...

There's me thinking I haven't seen an update for awhile! Entertaining post, I shall keep in mind the book you recommended.

And it's your blog, you can whatever you like. And tha makes blogging wonderful indeed! :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Hi, Mark and Gaz. I put a note here a short while back to say I wouldn't be blogging for a bit because of being busy. Maybe not post until the autumn. I'm not very good at keeping to such decisions! (Pretty undisciplined altogether!)

EB said...

I love to read your blog - it's great to see you around again, however fleetingly. And yes, it's great to have a blog....

Esther Montgomery said...

Thanks EB. Can never manage to keep away completely - and it's good to find a welcome like yours when I flit in and out.

Nell Jean said...

I like your kind of blogging so much better than the 'learned blog' which instructs me as to what and how I should grow or build or make with never a word about what the author has ever done along those lines much less a photo to illustrate.

Real: I like genuine blogs like yours. Thank you for giving me an opening for my rant.

Cro Magnon said...

Armandii can become overbearing. We have one here in France that behaves itself, but we also have another one that goes bonkers and regularly has to be cut right back. Lovely plant.

David said...

I told my wife about that book and she wants to get it. She love Ms.Marple and such. Perhaps it's in the same vein.

About that perennial morning glory. I wrote you on my blog.
It's not the same as those found in those cute little packets.
This is the tropical BIG BROTHER and it can return from a freeze. I'd say you could try it. You could even take some root cuttings in over the winter and it would grow in the window. I can't send you some because it would probably not pass customs. People are funny that way.
Ipomea indica is the name.

Dawn Isaac said...

Well, I've never heard of him either, but I do like a good murder (in literary form at least) so I will check this out.

And thank you for the spare brackets. I used one above. Very handy.

elizabethm said...

I thought you had gone to ground! So glad you popped up again and thanks for book recommendation. I like things that don't make me feel like shooting myself so that sounds right up my street.