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Friday, January 20, 2012



Just over a year ago, I wrote a post about moving my Christmas tree to the garden of Holy Trinity School in Weymouth.

It's not so much a garden as a series of gardens - with a 'living classroom' (made of growing willow) a pond, an 'edible garden', a greenhouse, a quiet area, an Anderson shelter (!) . . . it's pretty good!

But Holy Trinity is not the only school with a special interest in gardening. Hopefully, it's something that's being re-kindled all over the place. The Royal Horticultural Society has a Campaign for School Gardening, already with 14, 885 members. By the time you click through to the site there may be more. (There's a counter in the sidebar.)

* * *

In June this year, the Queen will be celebrating her diamond jubilee. Mixed in with disputes about whether she should be given a new Royal Yacht as a present, charities and environmental groups are finding their own ways to mark the event.

The Woodland Trust is encouraging people to plant trees - six million if they can (though not each).
The Fields Trust is setting out to protect out-door recreational spaces - sports fields, woodland trails . . .

And, in collaboration with the company Trees and Hedging, the RHS Campaign for School Gardening is giving away 10,000 trees to schools.

Each school will be given bare-root saplings of five native trees:-

Field Maple - Acer campestre
Silver Birch - Betula pendula 
Common Hornbeam - Carpinus betula
Crab Apple - Malus sylvestris 
Wild Cherry or Bird Cherry - Prunus avium 

but they need to register as members of the campaign first.

* * *
If you know of a UK school which might be interested - perhaps you might let it know?

And for the rest of us? The site is a little unwieldy but there's a lot there: what to do in your garden this month (here's January) a link to the BBC weather page (which could well be of interest to people outside the UK too (at present it has information about the impact of snow in Seattle - don't know why!)) . . ..

* * *

Schools have until February 29th to ask for the trees.
There are ten thousand trees - which means there are enough for two thousand schools but no more.
They need to join the Campaign for School Gardening first.

(To find out about Press Bucket Posts - Click HERE.)
(For more information about trees in the schools pack - CLICK HERE.)

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Ronnie Tyler said...

What a great idea, I will pass it on to my daughter so she can let my grandson's primary school know.

Many many years ago when I was on the school PTA we made a garden for the children and although no longer living in that area, I do hope it is still going.

ps signing off under my Google Account, for some reason I can't enter the word verification using Hurtled to 60. Its not just your blog seems to be Blogger doesn't like Wordpress!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I love this :) Obviously I can't help you as I'm in Ireland, ut school gardening is popular over here and it seems to be very therapeutic for some children as well as generally making the schools a much nicer place to be. My two big trees look as though they died as a result of the big freeze, so I may need to replace them, probably with something like one of these species x