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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We’ve bought a tent and sleeping bags. We have a camping stove and a plan. We have yet to buy a kettle and some torches - for we are going on a trek.

Friends will come and stay in our house while we are away and we have invited our neighbour Lucy Corrander to come with us.

It will be the journey of a lifetime - due North, then a figure of eight to take in Scotland, down the East side of England, across the country (missing London) and home!

Given that I need a day in bed after a walk to town and back, am sick if I hoover the living room and stairs in one go and rejoice if I can change the sheets on three beds without collapsing, the fun of this may be in the anticipation and retrospection rather than in the journey itself. For most of the time I expect my family will be carting me along rather than enjoying my company - but it will be fun, none the less.

Here is our route.

I’ve squashed Scotland a bit - we are going very much further North than the diagram implies, the Black Isle is not an isle and that my heart is in the North East is evident from the sudden outbreak of towns - but it gives an idea of where we are going. The counties South of London, West of Weymouth and down the middle are given a miss but we’re going almost everywhere else on the mainland it seems - even a bit out to sea - for the Summer Isles really are islands.

There will be lots to talk about when we get back - equally, there’s much to get ready before we go . . . so I’ll be fading out here for a while. We’ll be practising putting up the tent and taking it down, washing the floors, staking the tomatoes, buying provisions. Not blogging.

I’m not very good at not-blogging - but that is the plan!

We’ll be back at the end of August . . . so I’ll be popping up here again then. Assuming I can still sit straight!


David said...

OH my, Esther! What a nice map!
If you see the Loch Ness monster, be sure and snap a photo..or draw a quick picture...as is the case for your blog.
Happy Non-Blogging. That would be very difficult for me.
But just think of all the fun you'll have when you get back and start blogging again.
Have fun!
David/ Tropical Texana/ (stuck in)Houston

Ali said...

Oh Esther, I am so envious! What a fabulous adventure you are about to go on!

Would you touch Hadrian's Wall for me? I've always wanted to do that.

Have fun.


Ron Eklof said...

Happy trails to you, and touch Hadrian's Wall for all of us.

Janet said...

Tents,camping?! Esther you're a brave woman. You are going to two of my most favourite places in Scotland - The Black Isle (must see the cloutie well,Cromarty and geologist's Hugh Miller's House)and the Summer Isles. Who could tire of the first site of them as you come over the hill? Have a great time! Janet
PS Will miss reading your blog in the meantime.

Bridget said...

Hope you have a fab adventure. Look forward to hearing about it.

Elephant's Eye said...

Aargh, five weeks without your blog, and for you in a tent!

We did a similar sort of route when we went to Scotland. Will you go to Rest and Be Thankful? We had not enough time for the islands. And Glasgow, the Tenement House?

I wish the three of you a lovely holiday :~)))

elizabethm said...

Are you coming into Wales? I think your map suggests you might be! Come via North East Wales. It must be on the way to the Lake District.

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

What an adventure - have a fabulous time, despite the health challenges. You are going to some of my favourite places, most notably Glen Coe, Loch Ness and Ullapool. Hope you make it to Inverewe gardens, they are amazing. Hope your tent behaves itself. Having ME I have some notion of what courage it takes to go off and do something like this despite the fatigue etc. Look forward to quirky tales of the journey when you get back. Or en route if you fail to resist the lure of blogging...

garden girl said...

Have a wonderful time Esther - sounds like a great adventure!

Bom said...

Esther, you have to change the name of your blog now. What with all the bouncing about from blog to blog, post to post via cups. It's "wonderland-ish". I'd expect the Mad Hare to pop up soon. Then when you come back from your awesome trip you can change it to "Esther's Adventures in Wonderland". :-D Stay safe but definitely have a blast!

linniew said...

Bring lots of flashlights, for after ghost stories around the campfire...

Pearl said...

This made me laugh. The whole thing.

Take pictures. I've never been anywhere near, well, there, and wonder if any of it looks like Minnesota...


Dimple said...

I've just come over from Lucy's blog. Your camping trip sounds fabulous! I'm signing up as a follower so I can read about your adventures after your return!

Esther Montgomery said...

Dear Everyone

I began to reply to you here . . . but there are so many things to say, I transferred to the blog itself - so the replies are posted under the title 'REPLIES' at



The Garden On Loch Ness said...

dear Esther - I hope you have a graet trip - I see you are passing right by our door on your way down Loch Ness. It woulld bedelightful if you dropped in to see us (Abriachan Nurseries www.lochnessgarden.com) as well as our woodland garden and nursery we have some stunning views over the loch and a great chance to stretch your legs after all your driving. If you time it right - you can join us for tea and biscuits at smoko. have fun, Best wishes Cat @ Abriachan

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Esther. For the first time in many years, we're NOT camping this year, but if you're on your way past Chesterfield on your way north before the 20th August,pop in for a cuppa - and I'll even show you the very nearly completed tea house!
(you can email me via my blog)

Have fun. Liz